Wednesday, October 23, 2013

England – title contender of World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014
With Word Cup 2014 imminent, let us look at one of the finest football teams in the globe – England. With the team likely to finish World Cup qualifiers in top position – in second place if not first – England is showing a promising candidacy for winning the cup this time.
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England is gifted with finest players in all position. Steven Gerrard – Liverpool legend – will be take the captaincy of the team. Recently having achieved 100 caps for the national team, Gerrard will again have to prove to the platform why he is still one of the best in the game despite his increasing age. Gerrard will be playing as a holding midfielder. His incisive long passes and precise tackles are one of his greatest traits which other teams need to be wary of. Similarly, Frank Lampard will be accompanying Gerrard in midfield – either in holding or attacking midfield. Arsenal FC’s starlets Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey are in their best form this season and might prove to be the important assets in midfield of the team.
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As for the attacking of the team, Wayne Rooney will be one of the experience and key players. Manchester United’s striker will be set to prove his uncanny goal scoring and passing skills to help the team win the cup. Similarly, Rooney will accompanied by Theo Walcott in the wings. His agility and pace will be key factor to penetrate opposing defense. Youngsters like Oxlade Chamberlein and Danny Welbeck are promising attackers for the team.
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As far as defense is concerned, likes of John Terry, Lescott, Rio Ferdinand and Ashely Cole, and Johnson will be form the defensive wall. With their experiences over the years of playing, opposing attackers will have hard time penetrating the England’s defense.
FIFA World Cup 2014
As for the goalkeeper, Joe Hart has proved himself over the years as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. This Manchester City’s stopper will be one of the key players in the team.With such promising line-ups, England shows a promising sign to bag the cup this time. Lots of Englishmen have already bought tickets to Brazil to support their team.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Portugal – the title contender

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Every football fans knows Cristiano Ronaldo! Ronaldo, now aged 28, has developed himself to be one of the best football players of the generation. Discovered by Sporting Lisbon FC, Ronaldo showcased his world-class talents in Manchester United where Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign was due at the time. He prospered as side midfielder in Red Devils’ shirt. His numerous goals and assists led the team into so many tournaments – including league titles, FA Cup, Carling Cup, and most notably UEFA Champions league – and earned himself a Ballond’OR Award (the best player of the year). His acceleration and agility are top-notch, only few players can top his pace. What is more intriguing is that he can play swiftly, and dribble like no one is there. His skills are uncanny and adamant to the top class players like Ronaldinho and Ronaldo (Brazil). His finishes are sublime. His shorts are powerful and accurate. His free-kicks are lethal; as most of his free-kicks have ended up into goals. Now he is still showing why he is one of the best in Real Madrid (where he got transferred in a record fee of 90 million euros).
world cup 2014
Acknowledging the fact that World Cup 2014 getting close to knocking on our doorsteps, we will be awarded with more of the fine performance of Cristiano Ronaldo. Every single participating national team is getting ready the planet’s ultimate football tournament.Portugal will also be eying for the world cup since it has got one of the world’s top player at its disposal. With Ronaldo, Portugal has proved its strength, enthusiasm and capability in different important competitions. Among the finest teams in the tournament, such as Brazil, Spain, France, Britain, Sweden, Spain and Netherland, Portugal is alsoon the list of favorite teams to win the tournament.
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This World cup tournament is going to be organized by Brazil.It won’t be surprising to see a lot of Portugal fans or simply Ronaldo fans making up a substantial portion of world cup tickets. Ronaldo will be one the key figures of the tournament. It will be his platform to prove again to the world why he is worth so much and why he is regarded as one of the best.

Netherlands – The title contender

World Cup 2014
With World Cup 2014 approaching near to your much awaited anticipation, every competing nations are preparing their best for the world’s greatest football tournament. Winning a world cup is their ultimate achievement in the football and all of them will be vying for it. But then, there will always a few groups of teams that are favorites for the title contender. These teams have proved their strength, passion and ability of winning on different major tournaments.  Among the top contestants, such as Brazil, Spain, Germany, England, Sweden, Portugal and France, Netherlands are one of the top favorites.

This world cup tournament is going to be hosted by Brazil. So, it will not be surprising to see so many Dutch fans taking up a significant portion of world cup tickets. Holland has amassed quite an excellent players in its team. The fact that they reached finals in world cup 2010 says it all. This time Holland will be up for vengeance of their 0-1 defeat against Spain.
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The attacking of the team is quite phenomenal. Likes of Robin Van Persie (Manchester United) and ArjenRobben (Bayern Munchen) will be the key figures for the side. With Robin Van Persie’s exceptional goal scoring abilities – which we saw when he transferred to Red Devils last season and became the leading goal scorer of the league helping Sir Alex Ferguson win his last league title – will be the source of goals for the team in the tournament. With his best form, Van Persie is capable of helping the team get the cup.

Similarly, on the wing position, ArjenRobben will equally be the driving force of the team. Characteristics such as, incisive passes, agility, acceleration, skills, shooting abilities, sublime finishes, vision and positioning, best describe him as a player. Notably criticized as a selfish player – for passing less frequently and going for himself – Robben can be culprit for disregarding possible goal scoring opportunities. But the fact that he can opportunities to himself undermines his selfish act in most of the instances.

Hence, these two players are the most important players in the team. If their abilities are exploited perfectly, Dutch can celebrate the victory.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Germany – a team to beat!

Brazil World Cup 2014
World Cup 2014 might be the platform where in-form Germany national team might snatch the cup this time. Over years, Germany has produced some excellent talents and has developed itself into one of the strongest teams. Germany will certainly the subject of talk in Brazil where the biggest football tournament is going to take place.

Germany has not been able to reach the finals in recent major tournaments since Euro 2008 when they lost 1-0 to Spain. Since then Germany has lost in quarters or semis. Now the time has come to show to the world and Germany’s Joachim Löw is ready to take up the challenge.
FIFA World Cup 2014
The attacking midfielder MesutÖzil, now turned 24, has putting up fine performances in every match. Transferred as Arsenal highest paid player, Ozil left Real Madrid with a fee of about 42 million euros. Providing assists in every match, he has been crucial key for Arsenal top’s position in the English Premiere League. Known for its creative vision, incisive passes, uncanny skills and fine first touches, Ozil is definitely the player to watch out. He will be the key figure for the Germany’s attack.

Along with Ozil, Thomas Muller will help him in attacking. Winner of golden boot in last world cup 2010, Muller has been consistent with his fine performances in Bayern Munich FC. In addition to, Mario Gomez (Fiorentiana), Mario Mandzukic (Bayern Munich) will handle the central forward position. Whilst, Mario Gomez (Borussia Dortmund), Bastian Schwiensteiger (Bayern Munich), Gundogan (Dortmund), Bender (Dortmund) will be joining attacking of the team in midfield.

As far as defense is concerned. Phillip Lahm (Bayern Munich), Boetang (Bayern Munich), Matt Hummels (Dortmund) will be the key figure in the defense lines. As for the goalkeeper, the acrobatic Manuel Neuer will be behind the gloves.There are lots of youths emerging as future potential and might add up to the strength of Germany national squad.

The sales of world cup 2014 tickets will definitely be attributable partly to see whether Germany will win the cup or not.