Monday, September 30, 2013

France – A team to watch

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With World Cup 2014 is nearly on our door steps, let us discuss about one of the strong contenders of word cup winner – France. Les bleus is made up of strong footballers who are making their name throughout the world’s top leagues.  It will not be surprising if they bag cup this year avenging their loss in World Cup 2006 against Italy.

Football legends like Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry had represented this beautiful country and had been successful to lift the country to a great height of success. ZinedineZidane almost got Les bleus a world cup in 2006 when I stroke a sublime penalty kick. It was looking as if his last match of his career was going to award him the greatest achievement in the football. But his dramatic head-butt to Italian back Marco Materazzi sent him off and hence cost the team the cup.

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From then France has not been able to make mark in international ground. But this world cup will be their platform to show what they are made up of. Recent winner of “UEFA player of the year”, Frank Ribéry, will be the key figure for the team. He has been outstanding figure for Bayern Munich. Together with ArjenRobben, they have been quite a strong attacking force in the flanks. With recent winning of UEFA Champions League, Ribéry will be looking for bigger award to his collection. In addition to, another winger-cum-central midfielder Samir Nasri will be an important figure as well. Precise passes, sublime finishes, outstanding visions were one of his salient attributes. Nasri remained quite silent after the transfer to Manchester City FC from Arsenal FC but this season he has got quite a playing time. It is highly probable that Nasri can get to his best form before the tournament starts. Similarly, on the attacking, Olivier Giroud will handle the central forward position. He has been playing really well with Arsenal FC this season, and can be real threat if he continues to play like he does.

Hence, France is one of the top title contenders. Grab you world cup tickets and see if they bag the cup this time.

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  1. What!? France and Portugal are top contenders for the World Cup Title?? They didn't even win their groups in Europe and havent even qualified yet... Portugal has to beat the mighty Zlatan and the swedes to even qualfiy, so saying they are title contenders is absolute nonsense