Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Take Exciting Brazil Carnival Packages For Your Trip To Brazil!

Brazil Carnival
Do you recall the time when you last had the best vacation? We do not get much time once indulged in a professional life.However that does not necessarily mean you can’t. Once in a year or two, you can take a long break and try exploring new places, places you always dream to go. You have all rights to make a list of those places even if you can’t make it all at once. And amazingly if you are planning to visit Brazil, here’s a little more help with the list of cities you ought to visit, sites you cannot forget, never.

1.      Salvador de Bahia:Famous for street carnivals and outdoor parties, this city in the northeast coast is also known as the ’capital of happiness’.One of the oldest city, the major attractions that it holds are Bahia Art Museum, Carnival en Salvador de Bahia; the world’s largest street festival, Frades Island and Olodum. Capoeira is very famous in Salvador de Bahia which in actuality is basically a martial art dancenowadays popular in several fitness centers and around the globe. You can get Brazil carnival packages through international travel agencies.
Carnival Brazil
2.        Manaus: After Salvador de Bahia comes Manaus; the capital of Amazonas. The name was given by the indigenous people meaning ‘mother of the gods’.The whole city is all about green trees, forests andwildlifes.The city is the home of 1100 species of birds, 250 species of different mammals and 2000 types of fish.Despite being far away from any ocean, the city is called port city reason being the home of the Amazon River, the biggest river in the entire world.

3.      Rio de Janerio: Last but not the least of all, Rio de Janerio  worth touring if you are in Brazil travel. The Galeria de Arte Brazileria is an outstanding spot for art lovers.One of the most important landmarks of all time, Corcovado – Christ, The Redeemer located 700 meters above Rio indicates the memory of 100 years of total independence from Portugal. And not to forget, the city is famous for lively beaches and beach sports like volleyball, football, surfing, diving and sailing.So if you are an immense surfer, this could be the first place you go to.

Brazil Carnival
Of all things, Brazil can be on top of your wish list. Not only there areglamour and celebration, there is a lot more than you ask for: adventure, fun, natural beauty, rich culture and many more.

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