Monday, July 8, 2013

Economics of World Cup 2014

Brazil World Cup 2014
Football is not only deemed as a sport; it has become a life, without which many can hardly live. It is a religion which is followed unconditionally. Lovers of football exceed the millions of Facebook users. Football has been rooted in more countries than UN (United Nations) has been. Its popularity has superseded exceptionally. In 2014, Brazil, as a host of World Cup, will benefit in several aspects – particularly in economic aspect.

World Cup is one of the biggest global sport events and the biggest football tournament. Hosting such grand tournament will attract fans all over the world, which can be the source of income for the country. Fans are reckless and yet very loyal. For instance, Liverpool fans are eagerly willing to travel from their city to North London if there is a BPL fixture of Liverpool FC versus Chelsea FC. In addition to, Champions League fixtures tend to be between clubs of different countries of Europe. Even this case, fans travel abroad to support their clubs. For example, a Bayern Munich fan will travel from his/her home to Barcelona just to support his/her club win against Barcelona FC. Furthermore, country supporters arguably show more passion than club supporters – even the supporters of different clubs of a country tend to blend together in harmony to support their country. Hence, it can be undoubtedly concluded that such big event like world cup will make the football fans of different countries travel to hosting country without any second thoughts.
World Cup Packages

In particular, how such attraction of many fans can be the source of income is obviously the revenues of the various stadiums where the games are played. Additionally, stadiums where opening ceremony and finale are conducted will earn the highest revenues. Income can also be earned in transportation and communication sectors. Certain percentage of amount from airline ticketsto Brazil as well as within Brazils, local buses, taxis, etcetera, all add up to incomes in transportation. Necessities of accommodation provide a new source of income for hotels, motels and lodges.

Hence, world cup 2014 can be one of the greatest opportunities for Brazil to get more recognition all over the world and earn a significant amount of income as well.

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