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Choose The Place To Stay Before Booking Tickets To Brazil For World Cup 2014!

As the World Cup is drawing nearer and nearer, Brazil is going fine underway with the resource utilization and infrastructure advancement. FIFA announced Brazil to be the next host for the coming up World Cup 2014 from June of the same year. If you have already bought the World Cup 2014 tickets, it is good or you that the waiting days are going to get over. Altogether 13 cities will accommodate this upcoming world football tournament. Here is the list of those cities enlisted to hold the games.
World Cup 2014
        I.            Sao Paulo: One of the most populous country on the entire planet, this city is the largest with 11 million populations. This time, Arena de Sao Paulo is where the inaugurating match and five other encounters along with the semi finals will be convened.

      II.         Rio de Janerio: The abode of the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” has embraced the world famous Ronaldo, Zico and Romario. The stadium chosen is Estadio do Maracana, that carries a dramatic history in the World Cup with the most exciting games of the century between the host country Brazil and Uruguay.

   III.            Belo Horizonte: Known for its green areas and beautiful array of cultural aspects, Belo Horizonte people is simply in love with the football. Estadio Mineirao of the state holds historical importance and the stadium with the capacity of giving 57,483 seats is favored by legends like Reinaldo, Dario and Ronaldo.

   IV.            Porto Alegre: A little different than any other states in Brazil, Porto Alegre allocates several cultural features with the neighborhood. Estadio Beria- Rio is prepared to host total five games in the FIFA World Cup 2014.
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      V.            Brasilia: Brasilia is declared as he World Heritage site by UNESCO. The city has been recognized to organize first- rate sporting events. This 70,000 seater is the biggest of all the stadiums in the country.

   VI.                       Cuiaba: The city is home to 544, 800 people and 3,538 square kilometer. As to those who have hands on their tickets to Brazil, this place has the crucial ecosystems. The Jose Fragelli stadium that hosted four games in 2010 World Cup is now being replaced with the 42, 968 seater; the Arena Panatal.

 VII.            Curitiba: Strong in both industrial and economical backgrounds this city, is the home of two famous traditional football club of Brazil viz. Clube Atletico Paranaense and Coritiba Football Club. The Arena da Baixda after enhancements will have a seating capacity of 40,000 and will welcome four matches this time.

VIII.            Fortaleza: As being the major destination for traveling overall has two main stadiums Castelao and Presidente Vargas. This time however, Estadio Castelao possessing capacity increased to 58,704 will present the second group match in this World Cup 2014.
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        I.            Manaus: Manaus has a unique temperature with an average temperature of 28 C, was an economic dynamo back in 20th century. The Arena Amazonia will host four group phase matches in Brazil 2014 World Cup.

      II.            Natal: The City of Sun is the closest to the Europe by distance than any other European countries. Estadio das Dunas is named after the sand dunes, the major attraction of the city, is settled to host a few games in Brazil 2014.

   III.            Recife: the Orange Fort of Recife is a World Heritage Site. The city along with it had population 2 million people and all being die-hard fans of football. The Arena Pernambuco with room for 43000 viewers will be encountering the games at World Cup 2014.

   IV.            Salvador: Salvador is a historical city of Brazil. The Arena Fonte Nova will conduct six games at the World Cup 2014. The stadium has room for 52, 048 people at once. 

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