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Who Could Be The Next FIFA World Cup 2014?

Brazil World Cup 2014
FIFA World Cup 2014 is going to hit the planet this June.Brazil was chosen as the fortunate nation to host this extravaganza. And before anybody starts counting the number of days for this awaited momentum, let’s see who got the farthest hand stretched to the title cup. Now starting from what’s written in the history since 1930, the tournament is held once in every four years. Last time, it was in 2010.

FIFA World Cup 2014
Spain as the winner of last FIFA World Cup 2010, was and still is dominant as a threat to all the contenders of the World Cup. And with all might and passion, there’s  possibility Spain will continue their supremacy. Research shows the cup would either go to European or South American countries depending upon very low potential results of grabbing that biggest award buy any Asian or African team. However finishing off with 6-1 points over Egypt, Ghana in the last years  has raised. Moving on to the bests, FIFA has ranked Portugal as the seventh best in the world as of recent for which the credit goes to the great squad member including Nani, Joao and Christiano Ronaldo. Even with the best tools to beat the rest of the competitors, the country’s last progress was the third position at the World Cup of 1966.Nevertheless, they are the peril for the coming World Cup.

Brazil World Cup 2014 Tickets
Secondly, people would rather find it ironic that England that embraces famous and talented individual players when combined is not able to show that magic their country people waits to see.With the likes of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Ashley Cole and others, England is hardly possible to be defeated.Now to talk about Italy; one strong team that cannot be underestimated, not at all.History says it all. Italy has won the World Cup four times since 1934. This time, the confidence lies atthe disposal of some exceptional players taking in Mario Balotelli,Alberto Gilardino and Daniele De Rossi.
World Cup 2014 Package
The host for Brazil World Cup 2014, Brazil itself is gifted with endowed footballers, those who are likely to lead the team as an example.It has already been 28 years that the Argentina has last won the title. This time it probably won’t be the same.As nicknamed ‘the little maestro’, Lionel Messi has to fitthe title away from his league mates. But then with his unbelievable skills, there’s still that lacking thing and that is his squad not being as influencing as he is.
World Cup Tickets 2014
Now if you want to hear of team that operates fantastically both individually and in a team; here’s that name, Germany. The team is defensively strong and utterly frightening. You know what the best part of this team is, most of the members are extremely experienced and still young. Lucas Podolski winning 106 caps is only 27 years old. For now, it’s just the days that are remaining. Let’s start the countdown.

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