Friday, August 2, 2013

An exquisite event

2014 FIFA World Cup
An event is imminent where the best of best football players clash against with/against each other. A tradition is near where all the football fans – even the non-football fans – will sit together and enjoy the everlasting wonders that are most likely to happen in the event. A cult is near where the whole world will be watching together a magical sport. World Cup 2014 is here!

World Cup is the football’s ultimate tournament held between pre-qualified countries selected in qualifying leagues before the tournament. The event is held once in four years. Such a long-awaited match is highly regarded by all because the magic happens in football. The emotions of fear, admiration, sad, happy, anxiety, triumph, anger and laughter overflows in all. Every fan lives the moment as if they are playing by themselves. When Cristiano Ronaldo is set for a thirty yards out free-kick, surmounting pressure he is feeling at the moment is felt by everyone. When Lionel Messi dribbles out every player of opposing team – even the goalkeeper – supporters praise his sublime skills while his opponent’s supporters or his advisory pray that his supreme dribbling skill result in the ball being back in the net. When Xavi Hern├índez accurately completes all of his passes, every people watch his inhuman skill in disbelief. When Gianluigi Buffon saves an important penalty, supporters of Italy dance with joy and heave a huge sigh of relief. When Steven Gerrard hits a screamer, whole Liverpool fans and England fans get from their seats and shout at the top of their lungs. When Zlatan Ibrahomovich scores a howler with an acrobatic move, everyone – even the adversaries of Sweden – appreciate his goal. When Luis Suarez nutmegs the defenders, every supporter of Uruguay chant his name until he finishes his nutmegs and scores awe inspiring goal. Every football player has a power to affect the emotion their fans. But more importantly they are capable of bringing joy in people with their magical football gifts.

It is no surprise that every seat in the stadiums will be packed with loyal, excited football fans supporting their countries forever.  So, World Cup tickets might have been sold out already!

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