Friday, August 2, 2013

Question mark to Brazil National Team

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The legacy has passed down to these new generation’s superstars who are yet to earn a reputation of World Cup winner. The five times World Cup winner, Brazil, is known for producing the best players in the world. But for past few year, critics have been laughing at their failures and claiming that current squad is nothing more like the legends of previous era.

The great football legend Pelé uplifted Brazil to world’s stage earning himself and his country world cup three times in the nineties. After his legacy, many great players emerged and helped the team won cup again for two times. There were times, Ronaldo’s agility, acceleration, vision, skills, power and accuracy were feared by all. He could dribble from his own half all by himself to other’s half dribbling past all the opponents – even the goal keeper – and scoring a simple goal against an open net. He was a fine header, a free-kick shooter, a playmaker, a striker. He was accompanied by the players of equal aptitude, caliber and passion for football. During his prime era, another maestro named Ronaldinho supported the team. Positioned as forward, he could play any sides of attacking midfielder and winger positions. His elasticos used to help him dribble past greatest of great defenders. His incisive passes used to end up with goals. Helping in midfield, there was Kaka – another pass maestro. His visions and through passes used to create numerous chances for goals – some of the chances did used to turn into goals. Additionally, Rivaldo, positioned behind Ronaldo, scored many goals by himself and assisted him a lot. Talking about defense of those days, players with the likes of Roberto Carlos, Cafu and Lúcio helped the team too by intercepting crucial passes, blocking the shots that otherwise would have been turned into goals. They even helped by scoring crucial goals. For instance, Roberto Carlos was capable of striking free kicks with so much power and accuracy like he did against France in 1997 where he hit the ball so hard that ball initially swerves rightward and eventually to leftward and thence scoring a howler with Barthez left dumbfounded. Such strong team won World Cup in 1994 and 2002.

Incapable of winning the cup since 2002, the question arises – ‘Will a current squad strong enough to win World Cup 2014?’ A lot of fans and critics will be booking World Cup tickets to find the answer!

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