Friday, August 2, 2013

Brazil is ready for World Cup

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Brazil has won World Cup five times till now. With the likes of Péle, Ronaldo, Ronladinho, Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo, Brazil were the fierce football team in nineties. But after 2002, critics and people have been questioning the standards of Brazil national team they once had. ‘Will a new national squad full of young starlets bring the cup home?’ is the hot topic for this World Cup tournament.

The years 2006 and 2010 weren’t for Brazil as Italy and Spain snatched away the cup successively. World Cup 2014 will be the new test for the new Brazil to showcase why they are still regarded as one of the best in the football. Since Euro Cup 2008, Spain is dominating the world football but their recent defeat in Confederations Cup 2013 against Brazil tells that Brazil is emerging again. With the world ranking embarrassingly low, Brazil still needs to prove their position in the world football.
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There are promising young players that can achieve the goal in 2014. Criticized as being limited only to YouTube sensation, Neymar (21) has proven everybody wrong with his supreme performances in Confederations Cup where he helped the team won the trophy with spectacular goals and assists. Former Santos’ forward and now a Barcelona player will be in much scrutiny as he will be the key player of the team. Similarly, emerging young starlets Oscar (21), Paulinho (24) and Lucas Maura (20) will be playing theirs in midfields. Furthermore, the experiences will also come in play. Hulk, 26, is a powerful player and will be a great attack in right side for the team. Dani Alves (30), Dante (29), and Thiago Silva (28) will definitely bring their experiences in defense. Chelsea’s center back, David Luiz (26) will provide not only great wall of defense in the back line but also an attacking option, particularly in free kicks as he is capable of scoring powerful goals as Roberto Carlos used to. Marcelo (25) will also provide both attacks and defense from left-back position.

Hence, the current national squad is strong enough to be the strong contender for World Cup 2014. Whether the host country, Brazil, will win or not, the time will tell. Book your World Cup tickets now to get firsthand experience on how Brazil and other countries make the history of football.

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