Friday, August 2, 2013

World Cup 2014, Brazil

World Cup is the most prestigious and widely celebrated football competition of the world, which is organized by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The competition has become a kind of tradition among the football fans worldwide, which happens once in the four years. After the qualifiers, 32 national teams representing their countries to participate to win the world cup trophy. Till date, 19 world cup tournaments has been held so far, in which Brazil has won the most world cup with five titles. Every four year one country is selected as the host nation for hosting this glorious event. But in 2002 world cup, two nations : Japan and South Korea hosted the tournament together. The last even was held in 2010, hosted by South Africa, in which Spain got their first world cup title.

Tickets to Brazil
FIFA has announced that the world cup 2012 will be hosted by the South African country, Brazil. The tournament is going to be held form 12th June,2014 to 13the July 2014 for 32 days. This world cup FIFA has introduced a new goal-line technology to the game. 32 nations will be competing in the world cup to win the magnificent golden world cup. Football fans around the worlds are excited about this world event and ready to support their nation and their favorite teams. Brazil World Cup 2014 is going to be held in twelve cities where each stadiums have been repaired, rebuilt and upgraded just for the event. And all the other infrastructures have been improved in order for the smooth operation of the event. The airport, metros, monorails, light rails and all the other transportation services have been improved. Brazil is all set to welcome and provide accommodation for the fans all over the world.

FIFA has already announced that the World Cup 2014 Tickets will be on sale starting from 20th August 2013. 3.3 million tickets are estimated to be available for fans. You can book your tickets online through The best teams around the world are fighting their way to hold the world cup. Make Brazil your destination and don't miss your chance to witness one of the biggest event of the world.

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