Thursday, September 12, 2013

World Cup 2014

Tickets To Brazil
When it comes to football, the only prestigious and globally acknowledged competition is ‘World Cup’. Over the years, the competition has established itself more than just a football competition. Football fans believe this competition as a tradition, a sort of religion, and a passion. In other words, it has become a way of life. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) organizes the competition once in every four years.

Before the date of world cup competition, countries around the globe try to be the last 32 title contenders via winning in qualifiers. 19 world cup competitions have been completed so far. Brazil has won the cup five times making them the country with most world cup titles.
Each time world cup is hosted by different nation(s). Japan and South Korea together hosted the 2002 world cup whilst Germany hosted 2006 world cup and South Africa hosted 2010 world cup. This time FIFA has favored Brazilian bids and hence has made Brazil the hosting nation for World Cup 2014.

The tournament starts at 12th of June and ends at 13th of July. For more than a month, the tournament is going to send chills and excitement to the whole world via the magical football game. The new thing in this tournament is the initiation of goal line technology. Stadiums in twelve cities have been renovated and upgraded for the event. Similarly, the transportation services like airports, metros, monorails, light rails have been improved and maintained. All other infrastructures have also been improved to serve the fans of all the globe that will visit Brazil for the event.

World Cup 2014 Tickets have started been on sales. FIFA had announced the sale of tickets to be started from 20th of August.  Around 3.3 million tickets are estimated to be on sale. There are no wonder that tickets will be bought and booked in no matter of time.

Like every world cup tournaments, this world cup will be grand and exciting to watch.

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