Wednesday, September 25, 2013

World Cup in Brazil : Excitement!

Brazil World Cup 2014
World Cup is the most prestigious and biggest football competition/event of the world. The game itself has the worldwide followers who support the game from their heart and soul.  Football is not just a sport but a religion. It has brought a unity among the followers. Football has given a new meaning to life. Football is administered by an organization called Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA organizes World Cup every four year. Countries from across the world play through the qualifying rounds and to be the top 32 nations to participate in the competition.From the year it started in 1930, 19 world cup events have been organized so far. 

World Cup is hosted by a nation which is chosen by the FIFA. World Cup is hosted by a single country except in 2002, where Japan and South Korea hosted the event together.The last world cup was hosted by South Africa where the golden world cup was won by Spain. The upcoming world cup is going to be held in the South American country of Brazil. The bid that Brazil put forward to the FIFA was accepted and now Brazil will be hosting the world cup in 2014. Brazil are the record five times world cup champions and is one of the top contender for this competition as well.
FIFA World Cup
The Brazil world cup 2014 will start from June 12 and will continue for a month when it finally ends in July 13. The event is highly anticipated event and it is said to be watched by millions of viewers around the globe. There has been the latest addition to the game which is going to be introduced in the game for the first time, Goal Line Technology. There are 12 stadiums that has been renovated specially for this event. The whole country is improving its infrastructure to get ready to welcome the thousands of fans from across the world.World Cup tickets are on sale now. Get your tickets now for the event before it’s all sold out.

Book your tickets to Brazil and enjoy the biggest event of the year with your friends and families. Support your team! Support your nation!

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